Hall of Fame
(Or Hall of Shame?)

(Jakers during the Chicago weekend last August. Tatoo's courtesy of a Bennigan's vending machine. Hilton Inn and Suites was destroyed!)
(Jakers with a paper bag on his head? Rocking it in the kitchen for some reason. Yes, those are his drinking gloves!)
(Jake's elbow bent this door lock in the bathroom at IHOP)

(Joni at Manning's Whistle Stop, feeling just fine)
(Ready to smack D up at Teat's 21st birthday baesh! Mainly for letting Jake get so drunk. :-))
(Ahhhh, passed out at IHOP at 3 in the morning)

(Notice that's Makers Mark "Quality"! Megan is trying to talk him out of finishing the bottle. Shawn is pointing in disbelief!) Carl Biggums
(I can't remember her name, it was something like Layah or something)
(I dont know)

(Megan C. enjoying a beverage. "I need 12 shots.........no I mean 13!")
(Sorry Megs, it is the Hall of Fame. :-))
(We found this one tending bar in Sterling)

(Swamper smiling purty for the camera)
(Swamper constipated? Definitely having fun on his birthday.)
(Swamper is rocking out singing "Fight for your right")

(Amy holding her own down in the bar.)
(Ready to kick some butt with a wiffle ball bat!)
(I love the hat Amy!)

(Craaaaaash doing his best Ron Burgandy impression.)
(Craaaaaash before barfing up his rancid Hooter's wings. 3 a.m. in the morning I thought a bear was in the house, but it was Crash puking.)
(Craaaaaash as Cousin Eddie)

(Mattie presenting in a Kentucky hotel)
(Mattie as the 22 year old Virgin)
(Fun with a blow up toy?)